Vision For Fish Abundance


The Department of Administration and Finance Affairs is one of the main departments in the College as it has a vital role in providing administrative and financial services. The department has many responsibilities within the college. These responsibilities includes:

  • Setting the budget of the College.
  • Dealing with the purchases required by the College.
  • Disbursing staff salaries.
  • Providing means of transportation for staff inside and outside the College.
  • Making and maintaining contract in the College (Maintenance, Agriculture, Cleaning, Restaurant, Books, Water,Electricity and security).
  • Presenting and maintaining different tenders.
  • Providing maintenance services for the college.
  • Providing different statistics required by the college.
  • Participating in different committees inside the college.
  • Following up security and safety in the college.
  • Participating in developing the college and its performance by giving opinions and suggestions.
  • Welcoming faculty members and helping them in finding the suitable accommodation as well as introducing them to the society.
  • Managing the administrative and financial affairs for the faculty members (allowance, recruitment, medical test, fingerprint and visas).



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