National Diploma (Fisheries Technology)

National Diploma: (Fisheries Technology )

The Programme goal:

The National Diploma programme (Fisheries Technology) is designed to produce technicians who will be able to apply modern technique to rear fish and other aquatic animals at commercial levels; participate in freshwater fishing; processing, preservation and marketing of fish.

Programme Objective:

* Assist in determining suitable enviroment, planning, layout, construction and development of fishpond / farm

* Carry out all Aquacaultural practices.

* Employ modern techniques in stocking, feed preparation, nutrition and preservation, nutrition and associated management practice in fishing enterprise.

* Assist in the construction and operation of simple fish processing and preservation equipment.

* Construction of fishing gear.

* Operate and maintain difference types of simple fishing gears and crafts (nets, trapes, lines, etc)

* Assist in fisheries extension and cooperation.

* Acquire computer skills and entrepreneurial knowledge, enough to engage or set up a meaningful fishery-related business.



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