Federal College Of Freshwater Fisheries Technology, Baga

Vision For Fish Abundance

Higher National Diploma: (Fisheries Technology)

The Programme goal: The Higher National Diploma programme (Fisheries Technology) is designed to produce fisheries technologists who will be able to play relationship roles in the application of modern techniques and skills in fish farming and captured fisheries.
Programme Objective:On Successful completion of the Higher National Diploma ( Fisheries Technology) programme, graduates should be able to:
1. Survey, design and establish fish farms / ponds.
2. Rear, harvest, preserve and process fish and other aquatic animals.
3. Carry out all aquatcultural services.
4. Establish and operate fish hatcheries.
5. Construction of fishing gear.
6. Construction of fishing gear.
7. Fisheries Extension and Cooperation Service.
8. Installation and maintenace of fishing boat and engines.
9. Provide leadership in freshwater and marine expedition.
10. Acquire advance computer skills and entreprenurial knowledge to setup or engage in every meaningful fisheries or fisheries-related business.